DBIW Cabinetry & Woodwork

Building Residential

You can trust Your Home With Us…

We build and install residential cabinetry and custom casework to fit your home.  You want to change a space, add more beauty – create more value in your home? Try the look and feel of customized woodwork to appreciate the advantage and comfort DBIW Custom Built designs can provide.  Our residential projects, we work directly with you the homeowner(s) or your contract professional, designing your cabinet layouts based on both the blueprints and needs of the house.  We understand sometimes costs can dissuade you from pursuing upgrades to your property and we work with you – in your allowance or budget specifications to provide the best – most exact look and feel you desire in your home. We are glad to discuss possible savings and opportunities with you or your contractor. Give us a Call today!

We give our homeowners/ home builders/ home designers the attention and expertise they desire to take the woodwork worry off your hands.  DBIW goes above and beyond to ensure both you and your contractor enjoys building and installing your custom created wood project.

See our gallery below and feel free to contact us to find out what DBIW can do for you.